Casalogar. Alquiler mesas de billar. Venta mesas de billar. Acessorios mesas de billar

Casalogar. Alquiler mesas de billar. Venta mesas de billar. Acessorios mesas de billar

Casalogar. mesas de billar futbolines. Futbolin. Venta de futbolines. alquiler de futbolines Billares. Billar. Mesas de billar. Venta de billares. Alquiler de billares

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futbolinFutbolin is a very funny Spanish invention and popular that causes that the time flies, we can find different versions from futbolines. Most frequent in Madrid and environs it is that the equipment that is in futbolin is the Real Madrid and the Athletic one of Madrid and, in Catalonia, the Barça and the Espayol.

To the Spaniards futbolin enchants to them and is one of the most exciting forms to happen in company of the friendly playing which behind schedule it has come to call the “King of the track�? or “it loses payment�?. That is to say, the pair that gains the party (normally to the best one of seven balls) continues playing and another new pair enters the game paying this one last new game.

The inventor of futbolin was the poet Alexander Finisterre, in 1936, in the days of the Spanish civil war, for the entertainment of the mutilated republican military. Later he was perfecting his invention in I exile until arriving at which we know today.


Basically the rules of game of futbolin are very simple, consists to dial the greater number of goals in portería of the opposite equipment:
The ball removes from means field from a hole located in the band that has the stamp. You can put goal with all the players doorman, defense and advantage except with the forward who is next to the player. In the popular jargon guarra is called “�?. Goal with any of the midfield players cannot either put (denominated “average�?).

After each goal, it removes from portería the equipment that has fitted the goal (the defense or doorman, concretely). If these are not able to remove the ball or (that is to say, that escapes to him they lose or without getting to give it) the ball will be given back him the same. If it enters the ball and it leaves porteria “you hold�?, not to have thrown so hard. If the ball leaves the playground by lína basic it removes from porteria by which it left chut. If the ball leaves by means or a lateral one futbolín, it removes by means.

Very important in the rules of futbolin, it is not worth to make roulette (to give returns without rhyme or reason to the players) nor either join a ball that comes from the average towards the forwards. Yes it will be possible to be joined if the defense or the doorman comes from.

If an equipment or player leaves to its rival with the marker zero, the loser will have to happen below futbolin. Using cleaning products philippines to help clean the ball


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